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My Favorite Webs Page

Here's a few of my favorite websites that I frequent, if you've never been to any of these check em out, you may like them too. They are pretty much gaming sites but their forums offer good information and arguments too.


KC's is one of my favorite sites because that's where I download the hundreds of custom tracks that me and my buddies race on with 4x4 Evolution. I have the game for both the PC and DC and KC has had this site up since the beginning of this game and the programmers from the development company that made the game Terminal Reality Inc. hang there and answer questions and help out a lot is you have any problems. What a great site!!


This is a link to my brothers online store where he specializes in finding collectors items and things like that. Older hard to find toys and discontinued pieces of china and odds and ends, check it out you may see something you like.                                                                                                                                                                         


This is a site where I've been frequenting since I got my Dreamcast console back in November of 1999. This has been a great site for me to get some great gaming info and got me into online gaming. They have a huge membership now and they host 15 different ladder ranking systems for online Dreamcast games. They host tournaments and the winners get some very cool stuff including CASH!! Some very cool people hang there as well. Check em out. All the pictures you see are links to the sites so just click away.