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Evo Racers

This page is dedicated to the 4x4 evolution racers that I've had the pleasure to run some great races online. A very nice bunch indeed!

     Pipes.jpg (217893 bytes)          Cool Snow1.jpg (222814 bytes)        Cats Eyes.jpg (222857 bytes)       Stoned Dude.jpg (215264 bytes)          Bob.JPG (7037 bytes)

   KKR Killer at his rig         Recent snow at Killers   Killer and his cats, looks like this one hit the stash           NKA DENTS


     Pictures 2 012juliet.jpg (220468 bytes)               kkrblackie.jpg (216646 bytes)          blackie&killer.jpg (217748 bytes)           me1.jpg (156253 bytes)         

     KKR Juliet                             KKR Blackie                 KKR Blackie& Killer               Nitroviper                      CZM Tank

    htdgflvrdwtr.jpg (62044 bytes)             bradandme2.jpg (49624 bytes)                   nka adrian.JPG (162759 bytes)     emcee&dorthy.jpg (29416 bytes)

   CZM Htdgflvwtr          CZM founders Htdg& Codfish   Moparpower,Vrx,mops bro   NKA Adrian& freind   NKA EmceeMart