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The Dricas Gang 

This page is dedicated to the people that I've met a one of my favorite forum haunts for quite awhile now. Some great discussions, arguments, silliness goes on there with the group. But there is also some great gaming info and they are willing to hook you up with help with anything if you need it. Good peeps in general and worthy of their mugs being pasted up on the net, if I can get them to send me their pics!  Hey we aren't the best looking but what a great mix of personalities!              

                                                             necrolust.jpg (709229 bytes)

Big Mike& Family                         Spektor                                   Tweakz                                   Necrolust



Dricas Mods                              Krazy                                               Rob V                                 Krazy(loving it)



                                            whitewidow.jpg (676592 bytes)                     Bros ww&john.jpg (599810 bytes)

    Still at it!                                  Misfit 138                                 Whitewidow                        Bros John&WW


john&ww&freinds.jpg (620450 bytes)                   phisig1.jpg (13274 bytes)                       phisig2.jpg (13033 bytes)                       jessie.JPG (18501 bytes)

Good Times                               PHISIG                          Another Dricas mod.phisig            Mr.J.D. Gafflin

               Kelly.JPG (119316 bytes)           Wein dricas.jpg (93230 bytes)            jon dricas.jpg (11080 bytes)                                                                                                                            

The infamous Tank           Happy Star                        Wein                        The Owner-Jon